GOG Linux Launch Sale

tuxsmallGoG.com, one of my favorite curated games collection has just launched Linux platform support. While originally waiting till late fall with the intent of having a 100 game selection, they have decided to open the gates to the current selection of 50 games NOW. And to celebrate that launch, they are having a heck of a sale on the Free OS platforms. Most games have declared support for both the Ubuntu and Mint Linux distros, but you may be able, with minimum effort to get the games on your favorite flavors as well. The sale ends in a little over 4 days, so don’t wait too long.


The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition FREE on Origin

sims2I’ve spoken of Origin before. It’s the online gaming platform from EA Games that allows you to keep games on your pc, but by connection to the could for downloads, as well as updates and multiplayer. It is EA’s answer to Valve’s Steam platform.

As would be obvious, most EA games are available for purchase and management via Origin. They also from time to time offer free games and other content. Recently, EA dropped support for “The Sims 2.” However as a consolation prize, they are giving away “The Sims 2: Ultimate Edition” to players of the game. But here is where it gets interesting. The code to get the game, “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS” works even if you don’t already own the game. So effectively, you can get the entire game for free. Just open up your Origin manager,click redeem a product code, and enter the “I-LOVE-THE-SIMS” key and bingo, you’ve got your game. The word on the net is this is a 1 week only deal, so get it while it’s hot.

A Classification of the Order of Geekus

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The Sacred Order of Geeks
Source: BestCollegesOnline.org

Final Free Game from PC Gamer and BundleStars

Week 5 of the Million Game giveaway starts today, and the Dynamic duo of PC Gamers Magazine and  Bundle Stars has one last game to add to your list.

From the PC Gamer give away page:

We’re finishing our five-week, million-key giveaway bonanza with the fastest game of the bunch. Grab yourself a free Steam key and blast off into the sunset with a copy of GTR Evolution, the expansion to the lauded Race 07, which is also included in this week’s free bundle. GTR Evo gives you a selection of 49 GT cars to drive across 19 tracks, and the original Race 07 package includes 32 additional tracks, including classics like Monza and the Nürburgring, and 300 cars to crash. If you’ve never tried racing games before, GTR Evo is a great place to start.

Here is the Steam Widget to buy direct or view the video, but the free bundle can be found HERE on PC Gamer’s site.

Weird Al Synergizes

weirdAl1This is Video 8 of the 8 days of releases from Weird Al’s new album, “Mandatory Fun.” This  one (done in a Crosby, Stills and Nash style) talks about the buzzwords in business, and pokes fun at the idea of the “Mission Statement.”

Once again the debut venue is being stingy and won’t let others embed the video, and so we have to link to the original post, this time on the Wall Street Journal’s Speak Easy blog, found HERE. The video is at the bottom of the article, which isn’t a bad read.

Science Does.

I’ve had arguments with people over a very many things. I’ve had arguments with people over politics, over religion, over why I believe in science the way I do. I do not look at science as everyone’s replacement for politics or religion, though I much prefer science over those. To me, science is a method, a way of weighing my beliefs, my experiences, my understanding of the universe around me. It the yardstick by which I determine which is real, honest and true. I teach my children to question everything, to be open to things that other people think, but to always use this method to determine what YOU feel is right. Does it work? Can you repeat it? Are there exceptions to it? I don’t teach them that EVERYTHING must be compared to the scientific method, but even those things, like how you treat others, what is right and wrong, what love is and means to us, have as a core, a tested and proven system of understanding.

This strip touches on what I believe in a deep way. The art style is charming, but the words and the images speak volumes, often directly to my way of thinking. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. (Art by ZEN PENCILS, words by Phil Plait)


45th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

It was one of the most important achievements of all history. I wasn’t yet born, but the impact still touched my life. Learning that bit of history showed me that nearly anything you wanted to accomplish could be done with the right motivation, effort, and a no small bit of fortune. But I can’t describe it as well as another man.

Here is a link to Phil Plait, aka the Bad Astronomer’s blog about the anniversary today.

I hope the inspirational ideals of this day help you see a brighter future for us, one that science will help us reach.

Weird Al, 7 of 8

This is the next to last video of the 8 releases in 8 days Weird Al promotion from his new album “Mandatory Fun”. This one looks at some of the more tenuous claims we have on celebrities.

Did I ever tell you about the time in Washington DC that the Queen’s sister’s bodyguard pushed a guy who in turn pushed me?

First World Problems, 6 of 8 from Weird Al

PopCrush is the provider for this video, as it seems we get different providers for each of the eight song/video releases from Weird Al’s new album, “Mandatory Fun.” The song is called “First World Problems, and it depicts the horrible life that we lead in our problem filled “First World” Low thread count on our sheets, no designs in the latte foam, too many groceries for the fridge to hold, things like that. All of us poor unfortunate souls.

They however are being stingy and not allowing others to embed the video(a first world problem if there ever was one), so here is a link to it on their site. You can pick up the album on Amazon for $5.99

New Guardians of the Galaxy Clip

This shows haw hard it is to come up with an idea everyone can agree with, especially when your “everyone” is so very different from one another.

Guardians of the Galaxy releases August 1, 2014.