Automata Trailer

This new movie has recently caught my attention. Antonio Banderas stars, and it’s a different take on Asimov’s 3 laws, and the consequences of altering them. The trailer may be a bit spoilery but I’m willing to bet it holds some major bits back as well. Automata is set for an October 10th Release date.


The DC Multiverse

There was a time, about 17 years back, when I thought I had a pretty good handle on the DC Universe as it stood, Post Crisis. I got out of the game, what with getting married and having kids and the lot, but I tried to read some from time to time, or at least check up on articles online telling me about some of the latest events. Along came the New 52 and boom, everything I knew was gone. Though it was a tempting rejoin point, I just didn’t have the time, money, or gumption to get back onboard. Still, I’ve kept a general eye out for news.

Well today I found this video, telling about the new nature of the DC Multiverse. Needless to say, my mind is completely blown. Some of it makes sense, even harkens back to some of my favorite comics from my collecting days, and to be honest, I’m not completely turned off to the idea. I’ve seen some negative comments, but that comes with anything. And I’m not about to say this isn’t way more complicated than it could be. But from the standpoint of an occasional reader, I look forward to the integration of the new Multiverse.

Save the Children

Defend them with our lives!


Metal Mario

SteveTerreberry has produced a nice video of himself playing guitar and playing Super Mario Brothers on the original NES. He puts a big show into the old “blow into the cartridge to get it working” shtick. Like a BIG SHOW. But still, it’s a nice cover.


I Choose you…Ummm…yeah.

Well this is one explanation.


DC vs Marvel

This pretty much sums up the current Comic Movie Universes.


iOS Programming and App Design

bitfountain_whaleA free class is available now from Bitfountain, who usually charge $499 for their “walk through” classes. This particular course is considered to be a Boot Camp for app development and walks you through building a total of 14 different apps. From their page:

“Our iOS Bootcamp teaches the tools needed to develop iPhone and iPad applications for iOS7. Along our journey, we will learn the syntax of Objective-C, the language used to develop for iOS, as well as important design patterns and best practices. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand and recreate many of the features seen on popular iOS applications and extend that knowledge to making apps of your own.”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

wizofozThe book that inspired the movie, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is free for a limited time on Amazon. Author L. Frank Baum created a magical world full of wonder for kids of all ages, and this book in particular takes you into that world. It has been more than 100 years since the original publication, and while there are copies of the book in the public domain, something can be said for a good digital edition.

Free Game from Indie Gala

The Indie Gala site is giving away free Steam Keys to the RTS game Frozen Hearth. Frozen Hearth was recently a Green Light game on Steam and as such was voted up by the community. The game professes to have unique hero classes and various styles of game play. I just found the giveaway this morning and have it downloading currently, so I can’t yet offer a review, but it looks like a decent attempt at a RTS game.


Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger

Wc3boxartUntil I saw this, the Wing Commander series had slipped out of my memory. I didn’t forget about it entirely, but it just never really rose to the surface. But the memories came flooding back. Mark Hamill stared, and so did several notable Hollywood actors/actresses. Well Origin (EA’s Online Distribution System) is giving the game away for FREE(as in Beer).