Oct 30

Form vs Function

I love Theawkwardyeti.com. I may not be a daily reader, but I do try to keep up. This one popped up a few days ago, and I felt I had to share it. I’m mostly over my fanboyish hate of that shiny company, but I do still prefer a good old Frankenstein box.


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Oct 29


Yet Another Free Game. NOT that I’m Complaining, that is. I just can’t seem to keep up with all the coolness, this poor writer finishes one post and boom, there are more to write about.

The newest post in my feed is another Humble Bundle Giveaway. Today’s release is Teleglitch: Die More Edition, a Steam Game (click here to download). A rouge-like top down, procedurally generate environment, in a research and training area, you are tasked with surviving, defeating various hordes, and navigating new maps every time you play. Check out this video from the developer:

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Oct 29

Free Game Roundup

This morning I have found links to Several free games and instead of doing a post on all of them separately I figured, what the heck, do them all at once.

crusadernr1First up, from EA’s Origin system (click here to get it), comes their current “On the House” offering, Crusader: No Remorse. This action game, originally released in 1995, takes place in a war torn future. In it’s day, the graphics were good, but it hasn’t aged all that well. It’s normally a $4.99 game, so free isn’t something to sneeze at, even if it is just added as a back catalog item.

roth1Next we have an offering from IndieGala(click here to get to the free key). They currently have just over 35,000 steam keys for the game Realms of the Haunting. Released in 1997, ROTH is a combination of real world video, first person shooter and point and click adventure. The site linked above takes you to the unofficial website created by fans of the game. Set in a dark home, full of spirits and monsters, haunted backgrounds. Now available on Steam, the dedicated fan base will be happy to see this cult classic getting in front of a new audience.

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Oct 28

A Shot at the Title

The title being Evolve, and the shot being a drawing to get into the free alpha release of the game. PC Gamer in conjunction with 2KGames is giving folks a shot at getting into the pre-release version of Evolve, the 4v1 fps from the team that made Left 4 Dead. The concept of the game is that there are 4 hunters, seeking to destroy an alien who is, in turn hunting/hiding from them. But the longer the alien is free/alive, the stronger it gets. You can play as the Hunters…or as the Alien. Based on their previous L4D strength, I am looking forward to this one.
Check out this trailer for the Alpha

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Oct 28

Possible News ***UPDATE Yes It’s True

shutuptakemoneysmlAccording to Joystiq, and a few other notable sources, (and I got this news from MrHanMan, one of our gaming aficionados) Lucas Arts/Disney are going to be launching, or more accurately relaunching several deep catalog favorites starting tomorrow, October 28, 2014, on classic gaming site GOG.com. There had been a forum post regarding the launch, but that has since been pulled. Worth special note is the long awaited return of the legendary X-Wing and Tie Fighter games.

***UPDATE. Not very long ago, on a website very very close, a new hope was born. That’s right folks those Lucas Arts games were re-released by Disney/Lucas on GoG.com and are available now for $9.99 or less. Dust out the joysticks and update your Skype, its time for some space dog fights!

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Oct 28

A Lovecraft Library

OpenCulture.com (a site I have mentioned before here) has an article about free H.P Lovecraft books, read aloud and in various formats. From streaming mp3s to YouTube videos, this resource seems to cover the entire library of Lovecraftian lore. There is and will always will be some level of debate on the politics of Lovecraft, and how those spilled over into his writing, but the over all merit and depth of his stories is hard to ignore. Head over to OpenCulture and take a look at the list. You will also find eBooks in various formats. Do note that while some links, such as several of the streaming audio files, are embedded directly into the webpage, many others are contained in “off site” links, so as always exercise basic precautions when going to unknown sites.

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Oct 27

More Free Games From the Humble Bundle

Bundle2The Humble Bundle is giving away more free games. You can get the new game, “Organ Trail: Director’s Cut” and the last free game, “The Spookening” just by signing up for their newsletter, here on the Humble Bundle Mobile Page.
The countdown Clock says a new game will be released in 2 days, so keep an eye open, we will try to stay on top of that.

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Oct 27

Scare Tactics

I started a conversation over on Facebook and wanted to continue it here. What is the scariest level, fight, area, boss, or even full on game you have ever played? And what made it so scary? Was it the environment? The lighting and sound? What got your heart pumping?

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Oct 27


A short Science Fiction look at a future that looks into a past that is still just a short time into our future. Taking the concept of world building to a new level, Ambition is produced in conjunction with the European Space, and in a look backwards for its characters, looks at the Rosetta Mission, and its on going mission to explore the surface of a comet as it makes it’s way around the sun. This is another case where 1080p is called for, and full screen is recommended.

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Oct 27

New Track from the Clockwork Dolls

I’ve had the earlier releases from The Clockwork Dolls(site is out of date, but it does have their Twitter Feed) for a while now, and they make it into my rotation when I’m looking for music that is out of the ordinary. This new track, A Forest of Crumbs,is actually a single off a set of the same track played with vocals and two differing instrumental versions, is both alluring and haunting at the same time. More that worth a listen, I found it worth my $1 to purchase it. I think many of you will feel the same.

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