Free Subscription to Computer Power User Magazine

cpumag1Stumbled across THIS today. The link I followed said free digital subscription, but the site says free print edition as well. They cover hardware and software.


I’ll Always Be Batma….

So, there goes one problem, but what others have you created?

Happy Birthday NASA

nasa_logoToday the National Aeronautics and Space Agency was born, back in 1958 as the National Aeronautics and Space Act which established NASA as an agency. 56 years later, we are seeing a dramatic shift in space policy, bringing the public sector into the mix. But years of achievements by the agency can’t be overlooked. Just today, Opportunity Mars rover set a record for driving the a longest distance of any man-made craft sent to another celestial body. Advancement in science, physics, and medicine can be attributed to the experiments performed in space. Nor can we overlook the bravery and sacrifices made by the astronauts over the years. Happy Birthday.

GOTHAM “Movie” Trailer

This new Trailer for the upcoming Gotham TV show (set to arrive Monday September 22 at 7 Central) is cut in the form of a movie trailer.


The long running DC Comic character, John Constantine, gets a regular TV series. And, by all indications, it’s a lot better than the movie released a few years back. Constantine Premieres Friday October 24, 2014, just in time for Halloween.

Assassin’s Creed Parkour in Very HD

I don’t have the bandwidth to watch this in 4k, but even at 1080p, the video quality is intense, as are the skills of the runners. They jump, climb, flip and wall walk after some guys dressed as 18th century French soldiers who harass a homeless person. They get their sins revisited upon them in the end.


Only the Mad Survive

Mad Max: Fury Road is set for a 2015 release. There is much backlash about the absence of Mel Gibson, but the trailer has me more than interested.

Batman v. Superman Leaked Teaser

Ok, I can’t promise how long this will be up, I’ve already seen copies being taken down all over the Internet. But WOW, I’m ready for this!

Rob Zombie presents: Assassins Creed

It’s not a feature length movie. But the pedigree behind the producer and the property almost sells itself. Gruesome and gory, which you would expect from Rob Zombie. After watching the short film, be sure to check out the behind the scenes feature as well.

Free Steam Game from The Indie Gala Stor

Indie Gala, much like Bundle Stars and Humble Bundle groups, is a curated, often low price outlet for Steam Games. Right now, they are giving away free Steam Keys for the platformer Woodle Tree Adventures. It’s currently priced at $2.99 on Steam, so this is a nice chunk of cash to save, as far as Indie games go.

Here is the link to the giveaway. And beneath you will find the Steam Widget that tells you more about the game.

And below is a Gameplay video.