Oct 24

Roundtable Rival

A new video from violinist Lindsey Stirling. She dons Western/Steampunk style wear and plays a brassed up violin, vs an outlaw with an electric guitar. The story line is fun and the dubsteped music is up to her usual quality. The aesthetic of the video is appealing to both the Cowboy crowd and the Gears & Cogs crew. If you haven’t seen any of her other videos, take the time to follow the links at the end and enjoy her previous releases.

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Oct 23

Time to Max Out Those Video Settings

1080p, Full Screen, Biggest Screen you can Cast to, volume up, lights down and fingers on the mouse to pause and rewind. Yep, it’s the “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” Trailer, and yes, it really is that good.

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Oct 21

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert,! Don’t read this T-shirt if you have been hiding under a rock the last 20 or so years.spoilertshirt

Oct 21

The Rest of the Decade in Comics Movies

Well, at least in DC/Marvel Comic Book Movies anyway. The following infographic, produced by the heroes over at Comic Alliance, shows off the planned and speculated next few years of releases for the major production houses. Dates, titles, and even subjects are subject to change, but over all, it gives you something to plan for. (See the graphic on the full article page.)

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Oct 20

DC Television

So I’m a bad comic nerd. I haven’t watched a single episode of “Arrow”. I heard mixed to poor reviews and not having cable, justified not watching it by saying it didn’t fit in my limited viewing schedule Besides, it was on the CW, how good could it be?

flashlogoSo next up, in the same continuity, came “The Flash.” Even though Wally West was my Flash growing up, I have more than enough respect for Barry Allen to catch  his (second) television debut. All I can say is “Wow!” Not that there aren’t a few things to nit-pick. The use of the term “meta-humans’ referring only to those affected by the explosion instead of being a term for people with an innate ability, though one that often requires some outside stimulus to activate, that tweaks my fanboy nerves a bit. And the whole “Team behind the Hero” trope isn’t exactly my cup of tea either, but in this case it is done well, specifically with the darker influence of Dr Wells. The whole massive food intake thing is also a welcome nod to the source material. I’m comfortable with the Flash by itself and, as such, am more interested in looking back at the world building for Arrow. Afterall, Green Arrow is a character that should, despite having the money of a Bruce Wayne, look out for the Everyman. I’m not sure if this translated well into the show, but I think it is worth my time to find out. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


gothamjimThen there is this other show. I really wanted to dislike it. I’ve tried to find flaws in all the little things, and there are definitely some flaws. But I just can’t help myself, the show is incredible. What show? I’m talking about “Gotham” on Fox. Set at the very beginning of the Batman universe, the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gotham is a sick city. Corruption, Greed, Graft rule the city. The Mayor, the Police, they are all in service to the criminals that truly run the city. Mob family fight each other while internal struggles for power turn bloody. Enter James Gordon, a good cop, a man with a good heart. He’s an honest cop in a police force almost completely on the take. And while he is willing to bend a bit, he will not break. His partner is Harvey Bullock. Now here is one of my bones of contention. Bullock in the comics comes in much later and is a good guy, and while this Bullock could be a good guy too, he seems to willing too follow mob orders. Lots of other characters make appearances, in fact it could be said that in the first few episodes way to many future villains are foreshadowed or just plain revealed. But I think the trick was to get you to watch with big reveals, and stay watching during some of the slower burns knowing what was coming up. But honestly, slow burns really haven’t happened yet.


Again, I’m really interested in what you guys have to say about these shows. What do you think? Is Arrow worth going back and watching from the beginning ? Do you think Flash is , and I’m sorry but I can’t resist this pun, “Going Places?” What about Gotham? It’s dark, but it has to be. Too dark or not dark enough? Are they under playing Gordon’s strengths? I know it’s not “Year One” but I keep wanting to compare this Jim Gordon to THAT Gordon. The one who could take out a former Green Beret cop shortly after taking a beating from said cop and several armed thugs, just to prove a point. Log into the comment system and let me know what you see or don’t see in the future for these shows.

Oct 20

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Here is a project on Kickstarter that might be worth funding. A game based on the Novel by H.P. Lovecraft, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. The game, as of this writing, is a long way from being funded, sitting at less than half it’s goal with only 11 days left. But having recently made it onto Steam’s Greenlight, it’s popularity and press should be increasing at a steady rate.

The game seems to be the first licensed project from the Lovecraft legacy, and as such, they want to do the world building justice. This isn’t your fishmen and tentacles Lovecraft story either, though it is set in what must be the same universe. The world is dark and mysterious and magics are there for the finding if you delve deep enough. Game play is interactive mystery/adventure so don’t go into it looking for a FPS or third person RPG. That still leaves a good deal of room for quality game play, but also for poor execution as well. Cross your extra digits and hope for the best. See the video in the full article.

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Oct 19

If they Could See Them Now

Over at Dorkly, they have posted a comic about famous Comic Book characters and their creators, and how the creators would react to seeing the modern incarnations of said characters. View the comic embedded here but as always take the above link and give a good look around their site, as they always have something worth looking at.

Oct 19

Open Port, Back for Now

Ok, we are back up and running for now, but we expect more down time over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates that don’t post here. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we have ran into some technical issues and we are going to be changing hosting companies soon. While the moving process should go smoothly, there are always a few bumps in the road.

Things usually go like this, growth brings problems, and problems come in sets. Some of the issues were due to mistakes we made in our initial set up and testing, and some seem to came from outside sources, like spam bots. We were using over 100% of our allotted resources and had exceeded our database size, all due to outside sources. I think we have plugged these holes now, but we think moving to a new host will be in the best interest of the site and our future plans.

So, once again, stick with us as we grow, and keep checking back, you never know what may pop up next.

Oct 06

Hewlett-Packard to Split

hplogoAfter years of veering off mission, changing goal lines and several CEO’s, HP has decided to split into two separate companies to better server their customers and more importantly, at least to them, their stockholders. First is Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, specializing in enterprise and corporate level technology such as infrastructure, software, and services and secondly HP Inc, which will focus on PCs and printers.

The move, announced Monday, October 6, 2014 by current HP CEO Meg Whitman, may go a long way towards improving the bottom line for the now two companies, but will it affect the customer service experience at both the enterprise and consumer level? I’ve worked both sides of the coin and honestly never had a bad interaction with HP, so I hope this doesn’t change things.

Oct 04

Mouse-X, A Short Sci-Fi Film

An experiment, a subject, strange circumstances. Perhaps its fate, or god or time.

Maybe there is not free will. Maybe we are all just mice in a maze. Where is your cheese today?

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