• If they Could See Them Now

    Over at Dorkly, they have posted a comic about famous Comic Book characters and their creators, and how the creators would react to seeing the modern incarnations of said characters. View the comic embedded here but as always take the above link and give a good look around their site, as they always have something worth looking at.


  • Open Port, Back for Now

    Ok, we are back up and running for now, but we expect more down time over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates that don’t post here. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we have ran into some technical issues and we are going to be changing hosting companies soon. While the moving process should go smoothly, there are always a few bumps in the road.

    Things usually go like this, growth brings problems, and problems come in sets. Some of the issues were due to mistakes we made in our initial set up and testing, and some seem to came from outside sources, like spam bots. We were using over 100% of our allotted resources and had exceeded our database size, all due to outside sources. I think we have plugged these holes now, but we think moving to a new host will be in the best interest of the site and our future plans.

    So, once again, stick with us as we grow, and keep checking back, you never know what may pop up next.

  • Hewlett-Packard to Split

    hplogoAfter years of veering off mission, changing goal lines and several CEO’s, HP has decided to split into two separate companies to better server their customers and more importantly, at least to them, their stockholders. First is Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, specializing in enterprise and corporate level technology such as infrastructure, software, and services and secondly HP Inc, which will focus on PCs and printers.

    The move, announced Monday, October 6, 2014 by current HP CEO Meg Whitman, may go a long way towards improving the bottom line for the now two companies, but will it affect the customer service experience at both the enterprise and consumer level? I’ve worked both sides of the coin and honestly never had a bad interaction with HP, so I hope this doesn’t change things.

  • SaturDC Evening Post

    Images that seem to be right of Norman Rockwell’s canvas, but feature the heros and villians of the DC Universe. Deviant Art User OnlyMilo has, among many awesome other images, a gallery showcasing how these characters might appear had they been on the Saturday Evening Post. Below is a sample, and clicking it will lead you to the gallery in question on Deviant Art.


  • October 1st Podcast, What is this Nerdery?

    As promised, here are the show notes for the podcast:


    HI, I’m Joshua Ballard, creator of Open Port and your host for this Podcast. As you know, Open Port is your source for info on the geek life and nerd culture, and we try to extend that into our podcasts. Today’s cast is titled “What is this Nerdery?”

    We intro’ed with some Zelda themed music from both Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. I felt some intro style music was in order. However we are hoping some of our more musically inclined friends may be interested in writing an intro/outro theme for us, so if you are interested or know of someone who may be, just let us know on the main site, anopenort.com

    Today’s music can be broken down into 3 main sections. UP first is the Chip Tune/Game Rock section. We’ll start off with some Black Mages, move into some Mini-bosses and flow into even more video game music.

    We will follow that up with some comedy Geek Rock. John Grant, Jonathan Coulton, and the latest release from Bad Lip Reading titled “Carl Poppa” based on the Walking Dead. Also featured will be I Fight Dragons and The Flaming Lips. And a couple of Nerdy Parodies for good measure.

    Finally, we’ll go into some slightly more serious geek rock. Now when I say serious, I don’t mean stuffy, I just mean a bit less goofy. Just a bit. Plus a Symphony of Science ode to the Universe.

    <after Glorious Dawn>

    This next song needs some Explaining. It is a collaboration between Imagine Dragons (not to be confused with the geek rock band I Fight Dragons from whom we have already heard today) and the game League of Legends. It is inspired by the final 16 team tournament that recently started. The song is great and worth including in this collection. <Here’s a link to the LoL Site with the video for the song!>

    <after Warriors>

    That does it for today folks. This commentary will be included in the blog post containing the podcast when it goes up on the site, so you can work out any words I flub. As always, thank you for listening to Open Port and for visiting our site today. Check back at random intervals because you never know when something new will pop up!

  • Streaming Live on Open Port

    Looks like I’ll be Streaming again. I feel some Nerdy Music coming down the pipeline. Put some tape on your glasses, grab  your Tardis T-shirt, and pause your Windows 10 download. It’s time for some Open Port Audio Stream. The Streaming Music will start at 2:00 PM Central Time so that should give you time to load up your players and be ready to listen. This podcast is rated PG, so it should be SFW, though I can’t promise there isn’t at least one swear word in it, Even having listened to all the songs twice today, I can’t remember every word, sorry. Still, it’s all fun.

    As usual, you can listen in on our ON PAGE player HERE http://anopenport.com/?page_id=1421


    Tune in via Winamp, iTunes, or your favorite player HERE http://white.neostreams.info:827

    The Live Stream is over, but I should have the show notes and recording of the cast up on the site within the hour, so if you missed the cast, you can listen at your own leisure via that post.


  • And the New Version Is…. ***UPDATED to Include Video

    Windows 10!windows81logo

    That’s right, Microsoft is skipping right over the whole Windows 9 name and going straight to 10. No sure why exactly but there it is. I’ve been following a couple of Live Blogs of the Announcement event and have a few interesting tidbits to pass on.

    First and perhaps most welcome, the Start Menu makes a come back. Now that has been promised before and not delivered but there are actual images of it in action on a system running 10. The new Start Menu has all the old menu’s basic options as well as a customizable set of (Metro Like) Live Tiles. Overall, It looks like Microsoft has learned it’s lesson about deemphasizing the keyboard and mouse and are bringing back tighter integration as the main, without losing any of the usability of the touch interface, just by making it easier to swap between the two using an app called “Continuum.” While a lot of emphasis was placed on the reemergence of the keyboard and mouse in this iteration, but it was also stated that not everybody “hated Windows 8″ and they were not going to through out the baby with the bath water.

    This isn’t just a desktop operating system platform either. The plan is to release Windows 10 for all ranges of devices, from servers to tablets, desktops to smart phones. Features will vary between devices of course, for example don’t expect desktop mode on a phone. Enterprise versions are expected to offer all features currently offered in the server versions of the OS now along with new features and security updates integrated into the build.

    A technical preview will be made available to Microsoft Channel subscribers as soon as tomorrow, however this will not be an end user version at all, missing many key features. It is provided just for early beta testing for developers and enterprise testers.  More information should be presented at Microsoft’s Build Conference in April 2015 with a Consumer Launch possible in the fourth quarter of 2015, just in time for new devices to be in stores for the holiday season.


    A new video has been released, showing off some of the features of Windows 10 Tech Preview, and includes some of the features mentioned above.